Hello, I’m Simpiwe,

Welcome to my website! I am an experienced communicator with vast competence in communication services. I have been thoroughly involved in internal and external communications, events management and exhibitions, media and public relations, brand management, media production and stakeholder relations in my career of 15 years. I have been in executive management of communication in government with demonstrated ability to handle complex and strategic issues, often of a sensitive nature.

I am a specialist in developmental communication to afford the citizenry of South Africa with information to ensure that they make their livelihoods better for the best, in partnership with public service institutions and the private sector. My involvement in the development of Strategic Communication implementation frameworks has featured multi – sectoral and interdepartmental co – ordination.

My proven skills in public relations, media liaison and marketing in relation to government have afforded me with specialist expertise in negotiation and facilitation of local inter – governmental and public private joint venture initiatives.

During my career I have been exposed in the field of facilitation of information dissemination, public relations and public participation programmes within the government communications context.

I have Strong well developed interpersonal skills, featuring dynamic leadership of high performance teams, strong motivation and negotiation ability. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

I have risen from humble beginnings where I started my career in the Government Communication space through the Government Communications (GCIS) where I learnt a lot about Development Communication Practices communicating on the ground with the members of the communities and relevant stakeholders. I have also served at the former Department of Land Affairs, The Commission on Resitution of Land Rights, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Capital Media Group and presently serving the Ingonyama Trust Board.

Please feel free to browse my website to get a detailed account of my capabilities and the projects that I have been involved with in my career.

Thank You!