Good relationship building with stakeholders in the media an essence of good publicity


Part of the rigorous training from the GCIS was on dealing with the media. During the past 14 years I have created good relationships with stakeholders in the media and what has come out of that is good publicity.

My recipe in dealing with them has been a simple approach of providing them with relevant information pertaining to the event in good time and ensuring that they have access to all amenities to assist them in carrying out their duties.

There were times particularly during my tenure at the Regional Land Claims Commission and Ezemvelo where I was playing a role of being a spokesperson for the organisation and others where I was simply a coordinating media briefings, interviews and related work.

It is essential that good relationships are created with the members of the media in order for one to be preferred when inviting the media. My approach has given me previews, reviews and focused articles which were not biased but offering an opportunity to the organisation at hand to be profiled appropriately.

A media briefing room being prepared for speakers and members of the media
Journalists filing their stories at a media room prepared for them for ease of communication with their newsrooms